Wreaths for All Seasons to Brighten Up Your Front Door

Wreaths have become a popular decoration for front doors during all seasons. There are specific wreaths for most major holidays and seasons. We present a gallery of wreaths that you can use all year round to make your house stand out from the crowd.

Front door wreath

When you say the word “wreath”, most people think of those evergreen wreaths that adorn just about everything around Christmas time.  But wreaths have become more and more popular during the rest of the year.  Just about every season and holiday has a special theme that can be used to make a wreath.

But what about the rest of the year?  What do you do between seasons?  A good option for keeping your front door from looking bare is to put up a wreath that can stay there all year if you wish.  A non-seasonal wreath is ideal and is a great fallback to have in your decorating arsenal.

Wreaths have been around since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans.  They were mostly used to adorn ones self instead of their home.  Wreaths were fashioned and worn as a head-dress and would symbolize the wearer’s station in life and occupation.

Later in pre-Christian Europe, families would make wreaths of grain or other crops, have them blessed by the priest and would hang them on their doors in hope of bringing a good harvest.

In the Christian tradition, wreaths of evergreen boughs are used to mark the beginning of the Advent and Christmas seasons.

In short, people have been hanging wreaths on their front doors for a really long time.  Today, we do it mostly for decoration rather than symbolic or religious reasons.  We present a curated gallery of wreaths that you can use all year round.



















Freshly bound flowers wreath on the door of an old hut



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Wreath of flowers


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