Patriotic Decorating and Decor Ideas

The Fourth of July is one the most celebrated holidays in the United States.  At no other time of year does patriotism seem more at the forefront.  Decorating your home for the holiday or your Fourth of July party is fun and easy.  Here we have some patriotic decorating and decor ideas for you to get inspired.


The Fourth of July is the holiday that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  This marks the beginning of the United States of America and its departure from Great Britain.  Many years of bloody battles and struggles were to follow before the dream of independence would be achieved.

Of course the colors of these patriotic decorations is red, white and blue.  Many people over the years have speculated about the possible symbolism of the colors.  The truth of the matter is probably that these colors were originally chosen by the founders because red, white and blue were the colors of the Union Jack or the flag of Great Britain.

In any event, red, white and blue are now the colors of patriotism in the United States.  Take a look at these patriotic decorating and decor ideas and get busy making your home ready for the holiday!


Fourth of July




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