Freestanding Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have become ubiquitous in most new homes these days.  They can provide many important benefits.  If your home doesn’t have a kitchen island, a freestanding or movable kitchen island may be a great solution for you.

If you have ever worked in a kitchen with an island, you know that it has a tendency to become the center of all activity.  It is convenient to work on, and unlike a traditional countertop, you can access all four sides of the work surface.  If the island has an overhanging section of countertop, adding some bar stools can easily make it the place that you sit for breakfast or a great place to feed the kids without having to carry all of the food over to the table and then back.

If your home doesn’t have a built-in island, do not despair.  There are freestanding kitchen islands that you can bring into your kitchen that will make the space much more user-friendly.  But beware, they have a way of making the kitchen the center of family life.

Movable kitchen islands can also be economical.  They are much cheaper than having one custom-built and you can take it with you when you leave the home.

Take a look at some of these freestanding or movable kitchen islands for some ideas of what is out there.

This rolling kitchen island makes this small kitchen much more usable. It adds workspace, which is limited in this kitchen and also gives the owner extra cabinet and drawer space.



This island has a natural colored top with dark cabinetry. It has open and doored storage and a paper towel holder on the end. Buy this here.


Tiburon home remodel

For a small space, a narrow island like this granite-topped open island is a great choice.


This open, four-legged island has an overhanging lip to allow it to be used for bar stools. The top has been matched to the built-in countertops.



This island has a cherry top with vanilla cabinets underneath. Drop-leaf sides add workspace when needed. Buy this here.


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